Alexander Mihaylov and his Patardia

Alexander Mihaylov is a Bulgarian folk and jazz musician who finds creative expression through two artistically different instruments – the kaval and the saxophone. Thanks to his long experience in folk and jazz music, he skillfully manages to combine these styles and create musical landscapes in ethno-jazz stylistics in his debut album “Patardia”.

Why Patardia?
Because besides noise and uproar, the word in Bulgarian also means the mixing of dissimilar sounds, which is exactly what Alexander Mihailov’s compositions are. The unexpected musical blend is also the basis of the album – compositions in which the sound of the kaval is intertwined with styles far distant from its authentic sound.
The starting point of the project is the Bulgarian traditional folk music heritage, articulated with contemporary musical language and techniques. The album includes original compositions by Alexander Mihailov, inspired by his experience in folk and jazz. The mixture of these styles can be characterized as fusion. The melodies run through different moods – from tender to joyful and playful, revealing the author’s personal story.

photo: Sofia from Sofia

Who is making Patardia?
When the idea for the album was born, Alexander Mihaylov set out on a mission to find the most suitable musicians for his project. After months of searching, he assembled the perfect combination of professionals to bring his musical vision to life together. Thanks to their different backgrounds, each of them contributes diverse influences and the overall original sound of the project takes shape. Ilko Gradev (accordion, synthesizer), Georgi Uzunov (bass guitar), Georgi Popov (percussion), Viktor Radanov(drums) and Deyan Iliev (drums) are involved in the recording of the album.

Join us at the album launch, which will take place on 15th May (Monday) at Singles club (NDK, entrance A4) at 20:00. Free entrance!


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