“How many people really love hip-hop here?”, “If you really love hip-hop, make some noise”… These words are heard at almost every concert by the legend Big Daddy Kane. Unlike others, he really believes in them. Whether rapping, surrounded by fans at a hip-hop festival in Russia, or behind NPR Radio’s most musical desk (Tiny Desk Concerts), you can feel this artist’s genuine, authentic love for the music he’s been making for 30 years. Not just creating, but shaping the history of a culture.


His career took off at the peak of the 80’s as part of the legendary Juice Crew ( Dj Marley Marl, MC Shan, Biz Markie, Kool G Rap, Roxanne Shante, Masta Ace and more). He has released a long list of iconic albums and projects including “Taste Of The Chocolate”, “Smooth Operator”, “Warm It Up, Kane”, “Ain’t No Half Steppin”, “Daddy’s Home”, “Veteranz’ Day” and many more projects with MCs and producers from every subsequent wave of the hip hop scene to the present day. A Grammy winner only 2 years after his debut on the scene, Antonio Hardy’s (B.D.K.’s birth name) brilliant rhymes, distinctive stage style and rich subject matter of his lyrics reached out to the world and left a mark. It’s no coincidence that he’s been called “your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper”. Because everyone from Jay-Z to Kool Moe Dee recognize his influence and pay homage to him.

photo: Fuseboxradio – Juice Crew Reunion

And it’s no coincidence that, as a true ambassador of hip hop culture, he talks about the generational divide defining this music today and the importance of fans of all ages supporting whatever they like, “focusing on the positive and keeping that in the spotlight.”

Remarkably, to this day Big Daddy Kane is recognized as a top-notch performer who continues to blow crowds away with the authentic magic of hip hop in its purest form. More than 30 years after “Long Live The Kane,” that power and reach are still evident!

photo: RustyShack

Come to Mixtape club on July 23 to hear “the true gentleman of hip-hop” for the first time in Bulgaria. Supporting the concert will be the greats of Bulgarian rap – Dj Skill&Jose, Atila & Dj Akasha, Griговор, as well as the Breaking Cypher show with a special appearance of some of the most distinctive BBoys and BGirls.

Tickets available at Bilet Bg.
Official event where, by the way, you can also win tickets for the event.


text: Sofia Hussein for Dinya
videos: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert, V1 Festival

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