Skyscrapers on the horizon

Gonzo from the Block and Daniel Ostrov are the two names behind the DJ project The Skyscrapers. Their beginning is as much by chance as it is intentional, because they’ve known each other for 13 years. In the summer of 2011, on the eve of Gonzo’s birthday, they just decided to release music and continue to do so to this day. They move on the border between indie and electro, don’t limit themselves to one style and are faithful defenders of quality and non-commercial electronic music in our country. At their parties you can hear and groove to artists like Simian Mobile Disco, The 2 Bears, Groove Armada, Daniel Avery, Claude VonStroke, Riva Star and so on and so on…
And since we at Dinya have been die-hard fans for a long time, we decided to track them down and put them through a brief cross-examination. And as a thank you, we even got a brand new mix, which can be heard here.

You’ve known each other a long time and have been playing music together for 4 years. Does friendship get in the way or does it help when you’re behind the decks?
Gonzo: It helps, of course, we know each other inside out and all our favorite tracks.
Daniel: Sometimes we like different things, which can be inspiring and complementary. More often than not, I get in the way when I’m entertaining the set with my abstract diversions. Gonzo has some tactics with the gradations and drops, then I have to leave him for hours… hahaha… Am I bored? Nope.

Where did the name The Skyscrapers come from?
Gonzo: We wanted it to be a name that carried the spirit of urban culture, and it popped out of a beloved track by a favorite band, Underworld’s “Mmm Skyscraper I love you”.
Daniel: Because we don’t have any here in Sofia. Meden Rudnik (a Bulgarian city) already has one, sadly… hahaha. In Czech a skyscraper is a mrakodrap.

What makes a party really good?
Gonzo: Sound, Freedom, Girls 🙂
Daniel: Cool and unforgettable parties are unpredictable, but generally speaking a combination of good music, the right people, warm and cool sound.

The Skyscrapers
Your secret music track that gets even the sleepiest audience on their feet?
Gonzo: There are many, that’s our job, but I have one favorite – Whitney Houston vs. Kraftwerk “I wanna dance with somebody”.
Daniel: Something by Depeche Mode…hahaha just kidding! I don’t have one. Maybe now I’ll be happy if someone plays me Detroit Swindle – “The wrap around”, for tomorrow I don’t know…I’ll give it to Gonzo if he gets the idea to play it sometime.

Bands and artists you’ve been following and listening to lately?
Gonzo: Machinedrum, Jamie XX, Kele, Esta, Shit Robot, Redlight, Catz ‘n Dogz to name few – all day long, from getting up to goodnight, I listen to music.
Daniel: It’s not my period of intense listening right now.

Some time ago in an interview you said that indie culture in Bulgaria is still in its beginnings, while in the West it can even be called mainstream. Has anything changed recently and what do you think is missing in the indie music scene in Bulgaria?
Daniel: Oooh, we’ve been spouting wisdom. Hmm, there’s a lot of good stuff here, fresh thinking musicians, dj’s and artists… It’s just all in too small circles, it’s not bad, but its just according to how far we’ve come in our development, otherwise yeah, everything is changing.
Gonzo: Danny said it pretty well. A lot of small circles, but it’s really very gratifying to see talented artists emerge with their own output.

Tell us something about the other that we don’t know…
Gonzo:Danny has a real medium and long wave radio on the terrace.
Daniel: Gonzo is incredibly lucky. He has two sisters and a daughter.

Where can we hear the “skyscrapers” soon?
Gonzo: This Saturday, October 10, Club Jules Verne.

And one last question, but we want an honest answer – watermelon or melon?
Gonzo: Watermelon, ever since I was a kid they tried to trick me that melon is like banana 🙂
Daniel: I know there’s a guy who doesn’t eat watermelon because of the seeds. One story tells about Ivancho – the scarecrow of Bostan… just joking. I love watermelon.

More from Thy Skyscrapers can be heard here.

photos: Dobrin Kashavelov
text: Sofia Hussein for Dinya

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