REVIEW: “Find Your Flame” by Nubiyan Twist

Nubiyan Twist’s latest album, “Find Your Flame,” released in May this year, showcases the band’s vibrant evolution. Across 12 tracks, they blend global grooves, soul, jazz, electronic elements, and horn-led melodies, with a spotlight on improvisation. This album introduces Sheffield-based vocalist Aziza Jaye, adding fresh RnB and Patois influences to the band’s sound. Her dynamic vocals shine on tracks like “Some Mi Stay” and “Woman,” adding continuity and depth.

The album features notable collaborations with musical legends Nile Rodgers and Seun Kuti. Rodgers brings his disco flair to “Lights Out,” while Kuti’s afrobeat mastery elevates “Carry Me.” Contributions from corto.alto, NEONE the Wonderer and K.O.G further enhance the album’s experimental and genre-blending approach. The album’s eclecticism is a testament to Nubiyan Twist‘s mastery of diverse musical styles, showcasing mature songwriting and nuanced musicianship.

“Find Your Flame” is meticulously crafted, with each track contributing to a cohesive and compelling whole. The album closes with “Slow Breath,” a soothing Malian ballad sung by Mamani Keïta. With this release, Nubiyan Twist continues to shine, blending diverse influences into a unified, captivating sound, marking “Find Your Flame” as one of their most impressive albums to date.

text: Sofia Hussein for Dinya
images: Nubiyan Twist

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