People of Kulusuk

Ewoud Bon is a cinematographer and photographer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Тhe photo series “People of Kulusuk” were taken during the time he worked as an assistant camera for a Dutch feature film called ‘Greenland’, directed by Tomas Kaan. This is what he shares about his experience:
“We stayed in Kulusuk, a small village of 300 residents. We stayed at family homes which of course was great as we really got a taste of what life is like there. It was during the summer, so the snow was melting and the sun never went down. The community there was very friendly but I also got the impression that adults and especially children are somewhat bored. And because of no snow, even the sleigh dogs are feeling of no use. I wanted the photos to represent optimism as well as boredom.”

More from Ewoud Bon’s work could be seen here and here.

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